Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thing 25

I was all excited thinking I was going to make this post via my phone using Avantblog. But to my disappointment, Avantblog does not like me, so I'm checking into that. Hopefully I'll be able to try it at a later time. Anyway, I've only added a couple things from the blogger's toolkit....for now. I've added the Flickr slideshow widget, which is very cool. I've also added the sitemeter. As this is really my first round with 23 Things since I flaked out on the first 23, my comfort level for adding a lot of new things right now is low. But several of the add-ons look pretty interesting, so I'll be coming back to that as I progress.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thing 24

So, I royally stunk it up in the first two rounds of 23 Things. I do use several of the Things in my daily life, but I failed miserably in actually reading through the Things and blogging. But this time, I will not fail! Although, I think I'm in the Jon Stewart mindset on Twitter: But...I will keep an open mind.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thing #1

Here goes......maintaining my own blog is probably going to be the hardest part of this project for me. Talking about myself in not something I enjoy doing a whole lot. Although I am excited to give it a shot.

Being an accountant surrounded by librarians for the past five and a half years has been a very enlightening experience. I do find myself with librarian envy from time to time. In my job, I do a lot of research and analysis, but there are definitely times when my resource-finding abilities are far lacking compared to those of my librarian peers and I find myself groveling at their feet for assistance. Although, and they are usually quick to remember, being the key master of the payroll, I do hold a little bit of muscle myself.

Anyway, I do have experience with some of the 23 things already, but I am looking forward to learning how to make better use of them, as well as learning about the ones I don't know. For instance, it will be great to be in a meeting and when the conversation turns to a discussion of RSS feeds, I may actually be able to contribute instead of having a blank look on my face!

Cheers to Superturbo for all her hard work on 23 Things.